The Punter Blonde - Brewed for us by Oakham Ales

The Punter Blonde - Brewed for us by Oakham Ales

Here at the punter we pride ourselves on our carefully selected ale offering and also the quality of our beers. We have finally achieved full marks from Cask Marque for the condition of our beers and the way we keep them. For the last two years we have missed out by a point or two for dubious reasons but after keeping it tight we’ve done it. For us it’s one of the most important aspects of our ales as you can have a great pint of Broadside (for example) at one place and then go down the road and have a terrible pint of Broadside. Here at the Punter you will always have a great pint of excellent beer.

 We try and offer something for everyone with our beer selection. By Popular demand Doom Bar has been selected as our house bitter.  It recently became the most popular selling beer in England over taking Green King IPA. We see this as a certification for Doom Bar’s great taste and accessibility as an easy drinking session bitter.

Adnams have been very kind to us over the years; helping us getting our cellar into tip top condition as well as training us. They also make great beers so we’ve decided to dedicate a pump to them. Staff favourite is Ghost Ship; a beautifully hoppy pale ale which is on more often than not. Also we do like a nice Broadside time to time so expect to see that popping up every now and again.

Summer 2014 saw us add an extra pump added to the bar and an opportunity to get something a little different. Being one of the pubs favourite breweries we asked Oakham if they could make a deliciously hoppy citrus ale for us. Like all their over ales they nailed it and Punter Blonde was born and has been a hit ever since. The Punter is a member of SIBA that source and supply local ales to Pubs within a set radius to help smaller breweries get their beers to market. We usually try to get a nice stout in or a particularly strong beer. Beers like Edwin Taylor Stout (Eddie Tay’s) and Oakhams Green Devil IPA.