The Punter Barn & Private Dining Room


Across the Courtyard from the main bar is our Barn that day-to-day provides additional seating for either drinking or dining. The Barn has also been called ‘The Shed’, ‘The Stable’, ‘The Outbuilding’, ‘That Bit at the Back’, ‘The Room with The Door and The Toilets’ (?) but to us it’s The Barn; lovingly restored, full of paintings and mature plants and a mismatch of wobbly tables and chairs. And it does indeed boast its own door and toilets.

In the main Barn area we are able to accommodate groups of up to a maximum of 25 on one long table leaving the remaining tables free for other diners. As a table in a shared space there is no hire charge and you will simply pay as a normal restaurant table.

For any groups larger than 25 (and up to about 40) the Barn is booked exclusively with a hire charge of £300 and a minimum spend of £1500. If your numbers do not exceed 35 then if you wish the hire charge can be reduced to £200 if the Private Dining Room is booked to another group, but please be aware that the only access to the Private Dining Room is through the Barn.

Any bookings of more than 14 are required to complete a pre-order menu. We only offer a sit-down dining menu I’m afraid and do not cater for buffets or canapes, or drinks only groups.

Adjoining the Barn is the Private Dining Room which can sit 16 around a T shaped table or on two tables of 8. If not booked for dining then, on occasion, we do reserve this room for groups of up to 20 or so for drinks.


Ways To Book The Barn & PDR

Option 1

Group size: up to 25 people

Table setup: one long table

Barn & PDR Setup: Shared with other diners

Cost: No Hire Charge, no minimum spend. Charged as a normal table

Option 2

Group size: up to 35 people

Table setup: As required

Barn & PDR Setup: Tables in Barn only

Cost: £1500 minimum combined food & drink

spend plus the option to reduce hire charge to £200

Option 3

Group size: up to 40 people

Table setup: As required

Barn & PDR Setup: Exclusive hire of Barn & PDR

Cost: £1500 minimum combined food & drink spend plus hire charge of £300


Please note that different options will apply throughout the Christmas 2019 period

Please see our Christmas page for more info, and to download our Christmas booking information pack



The Punters Pre-Order Menu for groups larger than 14 people

£23 for 2 courses | £28 for 3 courses



Booking Information

We ask for the completed pre-order (using our form only please) to be returned 7 days prior to the booking date. But we know how tricky collecting orders can be so if there are stragglers they can always be added last minute. If it’s looking like you could be dealing with a lot of changes to your order after you’ve sent it to us, then it’s easier if you store up all the amendments and send a final updated copy of the pre-order sheet a day or so before. Saves lots of back and forth and the possibility of admin errors!


Payment is only by card or cash on the day of the event. If guests are to pay for themselves please could you advise them to bring cash as we request that the bill is settled as a whole with a maximum of two card payments.


To ease the food service for large groups of diners we request that you bring in food choice cards for guests.


If you have exclusive use of the Barn then you’re welcome to select your own playlist on Spotify – however this is only to be played at background music volume as we don’t have a license for anything louder! Feel free to bring in decorations for the tables but bitter experience has led to a non-negotiable ban on any kind of confetti!


Exclusive use timings are generally either midday until 5pm or 6pm until 11.45pm. However wherever possible we can work this around your particular event.



Email us to inquire about booking The Barn or Private Dining Room by clicking on the link below: